Winsford Industrial Estate Annual Quiz 2017 – THE RESULTS!!!

The much loved Annual Winsford Industrial Estate Quiz for 2017 was held last Thursday at Wharton Conservative Club, and a great, competitive night was had by all!!

After a delicious dinner supplied by Rucks to Eat, 12 teams fought it out to determine who would lift the coveted Winsford Challenge Cup this year, and after several rounds including pictures, general knowledge and music, one team emerged victorious …

Congratulations go to:

Newbury Data Team 2  who came a triumphant FIRST this year to win back the trophy!
Allsorts (Newbury Data Team 1) who made it a 1-2 for Newbury Data to come in SECOND!
And MAM Team 1 who took THIRD place after a great effort!

The special “Gallant competitors” award went to the ladies at CWAC, who won the ‘wooden spoon’, and best team name went to Rucks to Eat with their ingenious name of “Sex, drugs and Sausage Rolls!

1st Place - Newbury Data 2

The Winners! Newbury Data Team 2! 

2nd - Newbury Data 1

Second place – Allsorts (Newbury Data Team 1)

3rd Place - MAM

Third Place – MAM Team 1

Booby Prize - CWAC

Gallant Competitors – CWAC

Best Team Name - Ruck

Best Team Name – “Sex, drugs and Sausage Rolls!” – Rucks to Eat

Quiz Master

Quiz 2017

Thanks for taking part and we’ll see you all next year!

The full leaderboard for 2017 is as follows:

1st – Newbury Data Team 2 – 94 points
2nd – Allsorts (Newbury Data Team 1) – 90 points
3rd – MAM Team 1 – 89 points
4th – Michael Barrymore’s Swim Team (Schoeller Allibert) – 88 points
5th – Sex, drugs and Sausage Rolls (Rucks to Eat) – 81 points
6th – Gemco Team 1 – 80 points
7th – Quizee Rascals (MAM Team 2) – 76 points
8th – 50 Shades of Grey (SPX Team 1) – 75 points
8th – Super Cali Unrealistic We Are So Atrocious (SPX Team 2) – 75 points
10th – Multiple Scoregasms (Bralin) – 73 points
11th – Gemco Team 2 – 63 points
12th – CWAC – 62 points

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