Traffic Calming Signs come to Road One

TWM Traffic Control Systems are a long established Industrial Estate company now operating from prestige premises on Oasis Business Park. As you drive around the country you will see very many of the radar activated traffic warning signs which are designed and manufactured in Winsford. The company designed the individual illuminated road signs on the estate which have been in continuous use for the past 8 years without failure and are of great benefit to many drivers trying to find specific destinations.
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The 1-5 Business Environment executive board decided to take action in conjunction with TWM and Cheshire Highways to alleviate the speeding vehicles which frequent road one making life difficult for anyone coming to work. The roads history shows two fatalities and many serious accidents plus numerous near misses. The outcome of this investment are the two recently installed advisory radar activated speed signs. These signs are to be complimented shortly by two more inner signs in the vicinity of a mid point along road one. Another interesting design feature on these signs is the ability to download traffic data, we can identify traffic flow, average speeds and maximum speeds with a timeline which may be used by the police for intelligence etc.
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The chairman of the group, Mr Peter Price said, “Its wonderful to see a fantastic product such as this designed and manufactured on the estate. I am delighted with the installation and I am confident it will be a valuable tool in helping to keep our roads safer.

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