New software to help train employees on Winsford 1-5

A new piece of software is going to be rolled out this September on Winsford 1-5 which will help businesses and their employees learn new skills and develop their current ones.

MicroLearn provides cutting edge e-learning resources for companies across a range of different industries with training provided in a range of different formats including animated videos, case studies, infographics, workbooks and fact sheets to name but a few.

The extensive MicroLearn library is split into two different sections with a range of topics falling under each one.

Compliance Titles comprise Equality & Diversity, Health & Safety, Social & Corporate Responsibility, Data Protection, Food Safety & Hygiene, Safeguarding and Finance with numerous courses under each heading, while Soft Skills Titles cover a broader range of genres.

This area covers Workplace Wellbeing, Teamwork, Personal Development, Communication & Social Skills, Literacy Skills, Career Development, Change Management, Management & Leadership and Customer Service.

All courses are designed to help employees gain new skills which could benefit them and their company on a day-to-day basis.

The Winsford 1-5 BID Team have already purchased a license which businesses will be able to begin utilising during the first week of September.

Over the next few weeks, Winsford 1-5 Business Park Manager David Snasdell will be sending out details on how your company can access the package for all your employees to take advantage of.

If you have any queries, please email David Snasdell on [email protected]

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