Morrisons places 150-trailer order with Tiger Trailers

Historically, Morrisons has utilised temperature-controlled box van trailers to undertake most deliveries to its circa 500 stores throughout the UK, but they identified that double-deck trailers for ambient goods would improve the fleet’s efficiency.

Capable of transporting nearly twice as many pallets as the existing trailers, Tiger Trailers’ new solution for Morrisons showcases their knack for innovative design, and will result in a greater number of products being shipped per trailer, reducing the number of miles driven to keep stores well-stocked – an absolutely crucial advantage due to the ongoing increased pressure on supermarkets under COVID-19 restrictions.

The full order of 150 trailers consists of 125 of the Morrisons ambient double-decks, and a further 25 lightweight moving double deck trailers for Rathbones bakery, which is part of the WM Morrison Supermarkets group. The Rathbones trailers enable a 1,322 basket capacity, representing a 22.4% advancement over the operator’s previous bread trailers that transported 1,080 baskets.

As a whole, the group serves around 500 stores, and close to a million customers each week.

Keith Boulton, Morrisons’ head of transport, commented: “We’re very pleased with our new ambient double deck trailers from Tiger, which are the result of our teams working closely together to achieve a new solution for our fleet. The trailers’ extra capacity and versatility signify an innovative step forwards and we’re delighted that they carry our new branding elements and messaging, 2020 having galvanised the customer relationship in an unprecedented way.”

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