Litter project boosted by Winsford 1-5 donation

The Winsford Litter Project has received a boost after the town’s Business Improvement District (BID) invested in 55 litter pickers for the initiative’s volunteers to use.

Boasting over 500 members and supporters, the project was formed during the first lockdown in 2020 and now routinely picks up several hundred kilos of litter in the Winsford area every single week.

Winsford 1-5 BID has always worked hard to keep the estate and surrounding entrance roads tidy, and as soon as they became aware of the Litter Project they immediately began raising awareness of it through their electronic newsletters which are regularly distributed to BID businesses.

They recently went one step further however with the donation of litter pickers in order to make the group’s job more streamlined and efficient.

Speaking about the Winsford 1-5 board’s decision to aid their cause, a member of the Winsford Litter Project said: “This incredible donation of litter pickers will be a massive help in our task of cleaning up Winsford. We encourage new members to pick as often as they are able, but we also tell them not to pick litter up with their hands.

“We can now help even more residents to keep their streets clean.  We can’t thank the Winsford 1-5 BID enough for their generous support.”

Pete Price, Chairman of the Winsford 1-5 Executive Board, commented: “We’re delighted to have been able to support the Winsford Litter Project and we hope the donation helps all of the volunteers with their sterling efforts.

“The group has been an inspiration since it was formed and they play a massive part in keeping so many areas of the town looking clean and tidy for visitors and the people who live and work in Winsford.

“We will continue to raise awareness of the project to our businesses and look forward to seeing it grow to the benefit of the town.”

The Winsford Litter Project is not the only community-led initiative that the BID promotes and raises awareness of.

A cycle to work day is held each year to encourage workers to use their cars less often if possible and there is a Winsford 1-5 walking club which promotes getting active and taking part in exercise with colleagues and other employees on the estate.

Want to know more about Winsford 1-5 including its aims and objectives? Then head over to the official website:

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