Bike to Work Day 2022 – A Call for all employees of Winsford 1-5

BIKE TO WORK DAY – 28/09/22

A call for all employees of Winsford 1-5

It’s that time again where the Winsford 1-5 holds the annual Bike to Work Day. This we will be held on Wednesday the 28th September,

All entrants that register on the day with members of staff­ (located on Road Two and at either end of Road One between the times listed) will be entered in to the free prize draw to win a £500 voucher towards a new bike! Second and third places will win a £75 and £25 voucher respectively.Each entrant will also be given a voucher to have a sandwich and a drink at Premier Café.If you have any staff who bike into work outside these times and would like to be entered please contact myself or Steff on [email protected] before the 28th September and we will drop of the voucher and enter them in to the prize draw.

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